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Money Prize – Tricky Women Preis der Stadt Wien, dotiert mit 3.650,– Euro

Don’t Let It All Unravel

Sarah Cox

GB 2007, 2´00´´

Selected because its inventive technique supports its content, which makes a strong emotional impact without being overly dramatic.The film is highly professional in all respects.

Technical Support – Synchro Film&Video Materialpreis im Wert von Euro 1.500,–

Holly Hallonsten Ger Ingen / Holly Get’s Even

Marika Heidebäck

SE 2006, 14´30´´

Selected because the filmmaker shows a deep understanding of her characters, telling a story about children that is nonetheless universally understood by adults. The film’s deceptively simple technique is actually used in a sophisticated way to handle sensitive subject matter.

Residency – 3-monatiges Arbeitsstipendium des “Artist-in-Residence”-Programms des quartier21/MQ

The Old, Old, Very Old Man

Elizabeth Hobbs

GB 2007, 6´38´´

Selected because of the way in which technique and story converge, as the film asks us to look for the characters while also looking for meaning in the moments of life it depicts. It combines a subtle dark humor with a universal truth about the nature of human kind.

hoanzl publikumspreis & honorable mention

Liebeskrank / Lovesick

Špela Čadež

DE/SI 2007, 8´30´´

(jury:) For sensitive storytelling and development of character and production excellence.

Honorable Mentions

The Bugs and the Fleas

Hélène Friren

NL/GB 2007, 1´17 (more info)

For making a big impact in a concise story and its sophisticated use of dark humor.


Uitverkocht / Sold Out

Marie Jose van der Linden

NL 2007, 7´30´´ (more info)

For its lyrical way of talking about a bygone time from a very personal point of view.


The Wrong Trainers

Margrie Kez

GB 2006, 15´00´´ (more info)

For dealing with an important social topic creatively, using a wide range of animation media.


Möbleeraaja / The Next Move

Laura Neuvonen

FI 2006, 12´24´´ (more info)

For development of interesting characters through performance and storytelling


Karneval Zvirat / The Carnival of Animals

Michaela Pavlátová

CZ 2006, 12´00´´ (more info)

For sophisticated handling of its subject matter and overall professionalism


Den danske dikteren / The Danish Poets

Torill Kove

NO/CA 2006, 15´00´´ (more info)

For humor and storytelling, and overall professionalism