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Best Practice

Best Practice: International Forum & Talk
March 14, starting 12 a.m.  
English Cinema Haydn, Mariahilfer Straße 57

12.00: Homo Felix, Eliška Děcká (CZ)

Homo Felix International journal is focusing on contemporary animation-related topics. It also deals with historical heritage and uses theoretical approach.

Delphine Hermans
Louise-Marie Colon

12.10: CAMERA-ETC'S COLLECTIVE WORKS, Delphine Hermans and Louise-Marie Colon (BE)

The collective Camera-etc organizes creative group workshops around the world.
They produce short films that are educational as well as socializing projects carried out in schools, local social welfare agencies, neighbourhood associations, NGOs etc. Its work enables participants to find new means of expression. Camera-etc also supports professional creation by producing art house works.
Three collective works (made in different contexts) will be presented:
-MAKING OF « BUTOYI », a film about sexual violence made with Burundese girls. They will focus on the method they use to produce a script with people who have no audiovisual culture (some of them had never seen a film in their life).
-MAKING OF « THE SHELL », a film made with a group of people with different kind of disabilities.
-EXTRACT OF « MATESO », a film about war and the refugees issue made by Camera-etc animation team.

13.10: The sum of all, Isabel Herguera (ES)

A presentation of the creative and production processes behind the animated documentaries Bajo la Almohada (Under the pillow) and Sultana´s Dream. The former film is made in collaboration with a group of children patients of an HIV clinic in Goa. The latter is a collective experience, inspired by Rokeya Hossain’s feminist short story Sultana’s Dream. Sultana’s Dream (work in progress) derives from a series of drawing workshops where different groups of women reinterpret the original tale, evolving into a narrative revealing the common denominator of the woman’s condition in the East and West.

15.00: ANIDOX: LAB SHOWCASE, Michelle Kranot (IL/DK)

ANIDOX: LAB is proud to present a selection of projects developed throughout a series of seminars and workshops bringing together documentarians and animation film directors.
With European participants from a broad range of professional backgrounds, the Lab is designed to maximize their artistic capacity and develop their respective projects in new and challenging directions.
ANIDOX: LAB is The Animation Workshop’s new animation documentary professional training project.

16.00: Update: New Strategies of Empowerment, Melissa Silverstein (US)

The founder and editor of Women & Hollywood, one of the most respected sites for issues related to women and film as well as other areas of pop culture will discuss with members of the Austrian organization FC Gloria.